Packaged Units
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A packaged unit contains the same components you find in a typical heating and air conditioning system, however, they’re all engineered to work together in one cabinet. And, just like other Trane systems, you have a variety of efficiency levels and air handling options to select from. Take a look at our family of packaged units below. Our brief feature descriptions will help you find the packaged unit that best fits your comfort needs.

Packaged Gas Electric

A packaged gas electric unit offers you electric cooling and gas heating. In warm weather it's an all-electric high efficiency air conditioner. In cold weather, it's a standard natural gas or propane gas furnace, giving you the best of both energy worlds. Trane's XL 1600 high efficiency gas electric packaged unit also comes equipped with two stage heating and cooling for more efficient energy use.

Packaged Heat Pumps

With heating, cooling and air handling functions in one unit, a packaged heat pump can take care of all your home comfort needs. Trane's XL 1600 high efficiency packaged heat pump comes equipped with two stage heating and cooling for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Packaged Air Conditioners

In parts of the country with extended summers and mild winters, a packaged air conditioner is the perfect solution. Higher efficiency units are also available with the Comfort-R™ airflow system, offering better moisture control during cooling start up.

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