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Reliable. Durable. And Built To Last.

There’s something different about a Trane air conditioner, heat pump, furnace or air cleaner, or any of our other products for that matter. And, that’s because we’re a different kind of manufacturer. We don’t just assemble pieces into parts and parts into air conditioners. We design our products and components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technology. We manufacture our products with the tightest specifications and the highest standards. And we test our products - over and over, and over again.

You might say we control product quality from idea to installation. And, we’ve done that for years. You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.” Well, now you know why.

Air Conditioners
While noted for reliability and long life, Trane air conditioners have other notable points in their favor too. Technological advancements have made them some of the most energy-efficient on the market. And they're so quiet, you might not even know when it's running.

Heat Pumps
A heat pump looks just like an air conditioner, but it does double duty, acting as a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer.

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Trane's ground-source heat pumps offer high efficiency ratings. They provide some of the greatest energy savings and home comfort found in geothermal design.

Trane furnaces are uniquely designed to provide maximum heat with minimum fuel usage. Key furnace control functions are integrated into one microelectronic system which monitors the thermostat and gas valve ensuring precise temperature control.

Air Handlers
Matched in size and efficiency rating with the heat pump, air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your home.

Indoor Coils
To deliver the highest system efficiency, performance and comfort, an indoor cooling coil must be matched in size and rated with your air conditioner.

Air Cleaners
Removing unwanted particles such as pollen, animal hair and dust from your conditioned air improves system operation and your overall comfort. Trane's electronic air cleaners are actually 40 times more effective than your standard throwaway filters and are up to 99 percent efficient at removing airborne particles.

This central control allows you to program temperature settings so you are in charge of your comfort.

Packaged Units
In some parts of the country, a packaged system is the perfect solution. All components for cooling, heating and air distribution are in one unit usually installed at ground level or on the roof.

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